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I'm a retired and an accomplished race car driver, with 28 championships including championships in Stock Cars, Super Modified, Demolition Derby, Junkers, Endurance Cars, Thunder Bombers, Odyssey's and Dirt Bikes. I was a very high ranked National driver back in the super modified days. 

~ Second is the first loser

The most important thing in my life is I have four children, two by a lady thatís passed on, two by a lady thatís still my very good friend and buddy.

I now have in-operable advanced stage 4 terminal cancer. But not to worry, itís slow and Iím ok with it. Iíve had 4 artificial hips. I have had four knee replacements replaced in a five month period, due to staph infection.

Now Iím 70 years old and a single man and have been for eleven years I guess. I used my whole body up. Iím feeling much better right now and I donít plan going anywhere or croaking any time soon.

Greatest Achievements in Dale Cross's racing career


Dale has won more feature events in a single season than any other driver at Amarillo Speed Bowl and no one has ever successfully beaten his record since.



Dale was the first driver ever forced to move up classes because he had won competitions so many times.



Dale won his racing championships in the Honda 250 Odyssey while weighing 250 lbs against competitors that weighed 125 -150 lbs. Dale also won the TP Championship, riding a 250 Yamaha DT1.



Dale has won more racing championships than any other driver in the Texas area. No one has ever beat his record.


The biggest thing in my life now, other than my kids, is Sturgis, South Dakota and the Full Throttle Saloon. They are my therapy. I plan on sliding my Harley sideways up to my grave with my body worn plump out hollering ďYeah HawĒ

I have two Chihuahuaís the male is Crome and Iíve had him since he was a pup. When I sit down in my chair heís on my shoulder. If I move in my house heís right there by my side, he has the walk of a Bulldog. The female is Bullet. They both go crazy when they see another dog on the television and they love to watch tv.

People ask me all the time why I wear the yellow sunglasses. Its because no matter what kind of a mood a person is in.. young, old, no matter.. what I get a smile from everyone. That makes my day special when I see people smile.

Iím so appreciative of all my family and friends. God Bless.

Dale Cross





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